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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weird Blog Fact!

So, yesterday I was looking at this blogs stats. So it turns out that most of our traffic comes from a website called Troll Face R U, so thank you to all of the people down at Troll Face R U! The really weird thing, is the fact that Troll Face R U is a Russian website! So it's written in Russian! Our second most popular Traffic source is just people searching for us on Google. The third traffic source is really startling, it's the exact page on the internet that is my email inbox. I'm scared. So whoever is hacking into my inbox, please stop. Did you know that five people in Ukraine have viewed this site? Well they have. And one person has viewed this blog in the USA! Thank you, international blog readers! Most people look at our site with a windows operating system and Google Chrome browser. So get creative! See how many ways you can view this site! And the winner of the district one Mayor will be announced at four O'Clock, so keep 'em coming! 

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