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Friday, March 23, 2012


Hello there! Alright, today, I am attempting to get Hunger Games movie tickets, that is, if they're not sold out!
Hopefully I will see the movie and write a review for you guys! Good plan, but, as I say my self, "never ruin a perfectly good plan by putting it into action!". And don't forget about the Mayor of district one competition! We simply cannot move off this district Mayor competition until they're is a winner. S so far there has been a total of zero entries. Do you really hate district one that much? You probably do. Anyway, I have a really cool theme lined up for the But I can't tell you until we finish this one. Great, now I'm beginning to sound like a teacher! If there are no entries by tomorrow, I will just have to get my super secret blog messenger to notify the new Mayor of district one of their new-found occupation. And, by the way, AM I TALKING TO BRICK WALL!!! Can I please have some comments? 


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