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Sunday, September 16, 2012


Why are there so many Mustache photos on the Internet? Why do people wear bracelets that say "I <3 Mustache" ? This is ridiculous! If anyone reading this has any idea what so ever about how this whole Mustache thing got started, please contact us!!! Check out some of the Google images results for "I heart Mustache"!!!!!!

This is a note added ten minutes after this post was actually published, it seems that we have been hacked by a Mustache lover. Please ignore the giant Mustache photo that is infringing the blog. The error will be fixed as soon as we can fix it!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Triathlons? My-athlons!

Third triathlon I've been to this year was today. I've never actually done a triathlon, but my dad does. Anywho, if you could create a my-Athlon ( your own specially tailored multi sport event) what would be in it? A triathlon is a swim, run and cycle. But what about the swim, run, show jumping, shooting and fencing in a pentathlon?? So send in or comment with your ideas!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Earth Book

As you sit here reading this, I want to let you know that in 2008 in just a minute and a half a football field worth of trees was cut down. That's every minute and a half. Glaciers are melting. Acid rain is falling. Children are dying of thirst. Others are drowning in floods. And you're sitting here playing with your laptop, ipod, phone, or other electronic device. You feel terrible. Get over it. Now do something! Try writing something on

Now, save our planet!

U-K-U-L-E-L-E (yoo-kuh-lay-lee)

Dear followers, readers, fish and mum,

Alright, you can expect a lack of blog posts for a few days or so, because I am writing a book! It's a beginners guide to UKULELE. As you probably know, I play the ukulele. So i'm writing a book on it for a school project. I will put it as a PDF or as a link on the blog. So you can see it and use it yourself. Feedback is welcome, even if it's critical. But the book's not done yet.Anyway, it'll be up in a few days.  I hope that anyone doing exams had the best of luck (and any primary school kids, I hope you got top marks on your spelling test.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

RAAAAR Ukulele!

Dear followers and readers and fish and mum,

Okay, the summer fair is coming up at my school, and there is a talent show. My friend and I are doing 'Someone like You' by Adele. I will be playing ukulele. So if you play the ukulele, then send us a picture or video of you jamming on your own or with friends.
Lots of hugs and fig-rolls,

Instagram, Instagrid Insta-one-fish, two fish, read fish, blue fish!

On instaGRAM I'm @tea___bag    
On instagrid I'm
And our hashtag is #fidgetingagain
Our email is

So get in touch!

Also, my friend ( You may know him as DJpancake) is really good at computer code. So, he's making us a new blog using Java or C++ or HTML or maybe a combination of the three. This guy has been part of making his own operating system, so he really knows his stuff.
  Bye for now,

P.S. From now on, all my posts will start with "Dear followers and readers and fish and Mum..." and end with "Lot's of hugs and fig-rolls, Megan and the fidgeting again team." So as to stick with the theme of literature and story telling.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Writer's Block? Bunch of Writers!

Okay, new blog theme! Literature...actually, no. That sounds fancy and posh. Story Telling!! I'll start a story, then you can comment to finish it, send us an email at . Here is the start of our story:
The cat prowled along the dark, damp streets. The only sound was the soft tap of the cat's claws on the asphalt. As the cat neared a collection of old, crooked buildings, the heavy breathing of a cloaked figure became louder and louder.The cat sensed that the man was a hostile creature, and arched it's back, ready to pounce...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A little something for you

Just thought I'd share a little video with you: the monty python galaxy song. Look it up on YouTube and see what you think. One part of the video is a bit pg13 / 12A so try one of the lyric videos. Bye for now, oh wait. Any ideas for a new blog theme?


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Favorite Instagramers!

Lot's of people have been asking for a list of Fidgeting Again's favorite instagramers. And I have decided to give them a list. Here goes nothing, in no particular order: @pottermonsterjay @horseycakes19 @kradoomphan @amandlastenberg @radiomaru @innocentsmoothies @jackie_emerson @instagram @mewins and last but not least @foxface_redhead

And now, a brief description of each, to let you know what they're like:

@pottermonsterjay - lady gaga fan, hunger games fan, harry potter fan, poster of awesome pictures.

@horseycakes19 - my brothers friends sister. She likes horses, cakes and the number 19.

@kradoomphan - a thai guy who is AMAZING at drawing, and gets all his ideas from dreams.

@amandlastenberg - actor for Rue in the hunger games, do I need to say anything else?

@radiomaru - author of the Scott Pilgrim series of graphic novels (they're comics, get over it.) Sometimes he bakes bread.

@innocentsmoothies - the makers of smoothies that are not guilty. They have changing facilities for Clark Kent when he comes to visit their office in London.

@jackie_emerson - actor for Foxface in the Hunger Games. Very funny person.

@instagram - the instagram team. they put up ultra awesome stuff and do photo challenges sometimes.

@mewins - Mary Elizabeth Winisted, actor, plays Ramona Flowers in the Scott Pilgrim Movies.

@foxface_redhead - Someone pretendin to be Foxface, but she writes stories and posts them. They're really good.

So those are our favorite instagramers.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

(This Involves Bouncy Castles)

It's my cousins conformation today, so I'm going to Limerick! There will be photos on instagram, (and a bouncy castle!) so keep a look out. But remember this, don't forget: It's very smooth.