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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Little Off Topic...

This is a little bit off the topic of The Hunger Games, but happy equinox! The equinox is the day that happens twice a year, the day where the daylight hours and the moonlight hours are the same! It's really cool, but to stay on the topic of the Hunger Games, here's the special equinox-themed question I want to ask: How would the people of the Capitol celebrate the equinox? Post your ideas as comments! And, as I am writing this sentence, I'm having an idea. What if we took an idea from Capitol Couture, and had competitions to see who could become the Mayor of each district. And if I entered (which I will!) we could get someone else to judge. This might be fun! And then, when the blog theme changes, we could have a different competition and the district Mayors could still keep their titles. So please post your ideas for how the Capitol citizens would party. And post your opinion on the district Mayor competition! Remember, only two days to go until the 74th Annual Hunger Games!

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